HVAC Service in Lake Stevens

HVAC service in Lake Stevens The manner in which most individuals heat our homes and businesses and how we utilize HVAC service in Lake Stevens has changed significantly in a positive way over the years. We have advanced from simply using chopped wood in stoves and fireplaces to fuel oil to heat pumps.

While earlier model heat pumps were only used through the fall season until the outside air got too cold for them to be of much use, today’s units work very effectively no matter how frigid the temperatures may become. In essence, a heat pump is rather like an air conditioning unit that runs backwards.

Newer heat pumps not only can get even the slightest bit of heat from outside air in zero degree weather into your residence or commercial property, they are less expensive to purchase than their historic counterparts and cost less to operate. In fact, high efficiency heat pumps currently rank just behind wood and pellet stoves and way ahead of fuel oil in terms of energy efficient capabilities.

Complete Mechanical is ready to help you ensure that your heat pump is working properly this winter or to discuss your structure’s heating and cooling requirements to determine if a different unit may be your best option.

Call Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 today to schedule your HVAC service in Lake Stevens or for questions about our affordable and valuable selection of heat pumps that will work effectively to keep your building interior warm and comfortable this winter and nice and cool later in the year.