HVAC Innovations: Customizing Comfort

HVAC in Edmonds

Edmonds, HVAC is in the news. In January 2018, AHR held its annual expo – and it was a smash hit! Attendance was 72,000 – more people than attended the Superbowl. Complete Mechanical, Inc., has its eye on some of the emerging technology that was displayed at that event. We’ll share news from the expo with you to inspire your HVAC in Edmonds.

The biggest buzz phrase is Smart Home HVAC connectivity. Everyone loves convenience and having the option to monitor and manage your home infrastructure from your computer or smartphone is already here, waiting to be implemented. For example, you could have a tankless water heater whose performance could be monitored from a control board. LG has air conditioners that can be set up to work with Alexa or your smartphone. You can easily detect the ambient temperature at home and set it to a more comfortable setting before you walk in the door. It is also a great way to check on conditions that might affect indoor pets. You don’t have to own an iPhone for this stuff to work – as you might guess from the LG involvement, there are Android apps available.

Smart homes weren’t the only focus. New pumping methods and better air conditioner coolant were also being displayed. In addition, there were plenty of manufacturing companies showing their newest and best wares, which included portable spot coolers, as well as typical replacement parts such as v-belts. People who want to attend the 2019 expo need to hope for cancellations as it is already sold out!

For more information on the latest technologies related to HVAC in Edmonds there is no need to attend an expo. Simply call Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206) 337-2360 to learn more about innovations that could be in your home. We do repairs, maintenance, and installation of heating, cooling and air cleaning equipment. You can bet we have our eye on trends as they emerge.