How To Make Your Seattle Heating System More Energy Efficient

The filter on a forced-air furnace is an key  factor in keeping out unwanted dirt, dust and animal dander. Not only does it improves air quality, but it also protects the inside of the furnace. The best way to keep your furnace operating at its maximum efficiency is to keep a clean filter inside. You can purchase filters at almost any box store and they are pretty inexpensive and pretty easy to install. Filters should be replaced about once every month give or take a few days.

Furnaces, boilers, and air-conditioning systems all have mechanical, moving parts and over time these parts can get off track and need lubrication and cleaning.

It’s recommended that when you have your system tuned up that you only to have it from a Seattle heating service contractor. Whether you have a furnace, a heat pump, a ductless heat pump or a fireplace keeping you warm, it’s important to always maintain your equipment properly.  With Seattle heat pump and furnace maintenance, the better you maintain them, the longer they will hold up.  The money you spend on routine service and inspection will not only save you over time it will extend the life of your furnace for many years to come.

If you have a electric or water baseboard heating system its extremely important to keep them clean. Any obstruction will keep them from running efficiently including dust, dirt buildup and of course if anything is blocking the baseboard such as furniture.

Air ducts are also a large factor in running your heating system efficiently. Keeping the ducts clean of dirt and dust will allow air to flow properly to each room. Basically it’s important to remember to keep your entire heating system clean and make sure it’s thoroughly inspected about once every year. The recommended time to have your system serviced by a Seattle heating inspector is before the cold season. You will want to make sure it’s done before winter to insure your furnace doesn’t need to work harder than it needs to when it’s colder as it can damage your system and is a very avoidable issue.