How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Breathing – Seattle HVAC Can Answer That!

How Does Air Quality Affect BreathingSeattle HVAC Air Quality Differs From System to System.

Just exactly what is Indoor Air Quality, how is it measured, how does it affect your breathing and how can you improve the quality of your home’s air? The experts at Seattle HVAC can definitely improve the quality of the air your family breathes in. This is a crucial element in the overall health of you and your family, especially where breathing disorders and diseases are concerned. With both immediate and long-term effects resulting from breathing polluted air – isn’t it best to provide high quality indoor air for your family?


Indoor air quality is affected by the release of pollutants into the air that are not properly diluted or removed due to inadequate ventilation. The experts at Seattle HVAC can do a full house investigation to determine the quality of your home’s air. The primary sources of indoor pollution include:

  • combustible materials – gas, oil, kerosene, coal, wood, tobacco
  • building materials – asbestos, insulation, wet/damp carpet
  • furniture made of some pressed woods
  • household cleaning products
  • HVAC systems – heating, cooling, dehumidifiers
  • external sources – radon, pesticides, outdoor pollution


When the pollutants inside the home are not sufficiently diluted by outdoor air, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the result. Seattle HVAC’s experts can determine the amount of ventilation your home currently has and how much is required to maintain the best IAQ possible for a given structure. There are several means of ventilation in the home:

  • Infiltration – air leaks in through openings, cracks and joints
  • Natural Ventilation – air enters through open doors & windows
  • Mechanical Ventilation – outdoor vented fans, air handling units

Infiltration and natural ventilation are both determined by both wind and difference in temperature between inside and outside air. Seattle HVAC will design the most efficient system for your home.