How Does the Navien Tankless Water Heater Work?

With winter on the horizon, this could be the best time to re-think your water heater. When shopping for a new water heater, consider the Navien Tankless 98% Condensing Gas Water Heater for several reasons:

1. Efficiency

With a built-in hot water recirculation system, the Navien water heater is the most efficient heater available. The recirculation of unused hot water reduces water loss, energy required to heat that water, which combine to lower utility bills significantly. Because water is not stored, there are not concerns of sediment to foul the system, extending the life expectancy of the water heater – evidenced by the 15 year warranty. Finally, with the added floor space by choosing the tankless heater, your home’s value is subsequently increased.

2. Ecologically Friendly

  •  Global Warming Prevention – every Navien Tankless Water Heater Installation reduces CO2 emissions by 964 pounds/year. This is equal to 31 mature cypress trees (at a reduction of 30.8 pounds/year); compared to a standard storage water heater. The Navien Tankless Water Heater is the most efficient tankless heater on the market by over 600 pounds/year!
  • Condensing Technology – Navien uses a highly efficient condensing technology that decreases the gas required to heat the water; which reduces green house gas emissions significantly.

  • Pre-mixed Burner Technology – by pre-mixing air and gas before the burner, less gas is required to achieve the same BTUs to heat the water. The resulting lower flame uses minimum amounts of gas and air, reducing the CO and NOx emissions. NOx emissions are reduced by as much as 75% (compared to standard water heaters), which reduces acid rain and water pollution.

Navien Circulation System

Every Navien Condensing “A” Series Tankless Water Heaters have two pre-heating modes:

  1. Internal Circulation
  2. External Circulation

The mode of circulation is chosen by adjusting the 3-way valve inside the unit and adjusting the DIP switches on the computer board. Installation costs are drastically reduced because, the Navien unit does not require supplemental pump or electrical control device.