How big should my new furnace be?

furnace service in AuburnWhether you are replacing an old furnace in your home or commercial property or are building a new structure, it is important to determine the correct size of the heating unit that will maintain an accurate comfort level throughout the building. This is where Complete Mechanical can assist you. We have extensive experience and skill in all aspects of furnace service in Auburn.

There are two primary factors that must be considered when selecting just the right furnace system to meet your needs. The first is the load calculation. This includes determining the specific goals for heating the structure; exactly how much space that the unit will be required to heat; how hard the system must work to achieve accurate and comfortable temperatures; and the number, size and location of the ducts necessary.

The second concern involves the heat loss calculation of the furnace. The number and size of windows and doors, the amount of insulation currently installed and the number of individuals typically going through the building at any given time are incorporated here.

The qualified contractors at Complete Mechanical will help you make these determinations so that your new furnace will operate at peak efficiency at all times. With too large a unit, the system will cycle on and off too often. If the furnace is too small, a steady temperature cannot be maintained.

Call Complete Mechanical today at (206) 337-2360 to schedule an appointment for furnace service in Auburn. We will be happy to work with you to determine the best furnace to meet your needs.