Hot Water Tank Service in Edmonds

hot water tank service in Edmonds

Complete Mechanical, Inc., has all it takes for your hot water tank service in Edmonds. Hot water tanks are a lot more than just a big container for water. They include safety devices, a heating system and a thermostat. They can be hooked up to a variety of appliances, and there are those that can be used as part of a solar heating system. They might also be part of a radiant heating system or even a heat pump system.

A hot water tank is, first of all, a very large water container that can contain water to be heated. Water, when hot, expands and produces steam. While all of that sounds axiomatic, these properties of hot water were not always well understood – and that lack of understanding resulted in accidents. Fortunately, a hot water tank will now come with safety plugs, safety valves, emergency shutoffs and an overflow pipe. A modern hot water tank will also have an anode rod, a piece of aluminum that extends into the water containment space to attract acetic elements in the heated fluid. Your hot water tank service will check all of these things and more. while a service visit cannot guarantee that there will be no problems, it can go a long way toward catching difficulties before they blossom into something bigger.

Complete Mechanical, Inc., has the staff and equipment needed to take care of your hot water tank service in Edmonds, call us at (206)337-2360 to discover how we can help. Regular service visits can prolong the life of your water tank, and help keep the peripheral parts in good working order. Water tanks have come a long way since the first rolled-tube containers, and we’d like to help you to maintain yours.