Hot Water Tank Service in Bothell

Get your Edmonds Boiler Service EarlyComplete Mechanical has your hot water tank service in Bothell. Whether your hot water tank is part of a boiler system or whether it is a plain, old hot water heater, the tank has certain characteristics that require periodic maintenance.

Imagine for a moment, a brand new hot water tank that is being installed in a new home. It will have certain characteristics that are true across all hot water tanks, such as an overflow pipe, safety valves, protective measures against corrosion, a thermostat and some means of heating the water. The water might be heated with a gas burner, an electric coil, passive solar, or even by wood or similar bio-mass fuels. The physical characteristics of water dictate the various features that are needed on a hot water tank. Heated water creates steam, and steam puts pressure on the inside of the tank. The safety valves hlep keep it from blowing its cork, like Tom Edison’s tea kettle. Over time, if the water in the area is hard, minerals will collect inside the tank, slowly decreasing the amount of water it can hold. Even if the water is not hard, sludge can collect in the bottom of the tank over time.

Complete Mechanical has your hot water tank service in Bothell, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. We can check those valves, the intake and output, the overflow and thermostat. We can clean out the sludge and test the thermostat. Not every hot water heater requires a tank, but for those that do, we know the steps that are needed to maintain your hot water tank. We are as close as the nearest telephone, and you can call us at any time, any day of the week for emergency services.