Helping Maintain Your Modern Furnace Service in Everett

modern furnace service in Everett

Keeping warm in winter has long been an objective of humans who live in cold climates. Even the Romans, who lived in a relatively mild climate looked for clean, smoke-free methods of keeping their homes warm. Complete Mechanical, Inc., can help with your modern furnace service in Everett.

Home heating is essential in cold climates. When most of the heat was provided by smoky fires, humans used their ingenuity to devise ways to be warm without breathing smoke. In China, the kang, or bed stove provided a platform for various activities during the day and a warm surface for sleeping at night. Korea had Ondol, rooms that were floored with baked clay brick that could be heated from underneath. A fireplace would be located at one end and slightly lower than the room. The floor was supported by fireproof baffles. The heated smoke and air flowed under the floor and out a chimney on the other end. Wealthy Greek and Roman citizens enjoyed a similar system which they called a hypocaust. The same principle is used in modern buildings that use radiant underfloor heating – except that we often circulate hot water or steam through pipes to gain the same effect without using up so much space or needing to maintain a hot, wood fire.

Whether you are using forced air heat, a heat pump system, or a boiler supported system, call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 for your modern furnace service in Everett. We can check boilers, clean air ducts, check pipes and radiators for leaks. The season of winter heating is upon us, and no one wants to be without heat when really cold weather hits. We are ready to help with planned services or those emergency repairs.