Heat Pump and Geothermal Heating

Heat Pump and Geothermal HeatingComplete Mechanical is an expert HVAC company specializing in Heat Pumps and geothermal heating solutions.  Heat Pumps and Geothermal Heating systems are terrific energy savers and offer perfect heating and cooling for moderate climates like Seattle. A heat pump is a turnkey all-in-one cooling & heating system. Throughout the warmer months, it works like an air conditioner and keeps the home or office cool. The heat pump extracts heat from inside your home or office and transfers it to the air outside. During the cooler months, your Seattle heat pump does the exact opposite, taking heat from outside and moving it inside. To obtain the best possible comfort and energy efficiency, a Seattle heat pump and Geothermal heating system can be combined with a furnace creating a dual-fuel heating and cooling system.

We are a locally owned residential and commercial heat pump contracting business serving all of Washington since 1995. We offer a wide variety of heat pumps for both residential and commercial use. When you’re looking for a Seattle heat pump company you can count on, give us a call.  As one of our customers, we guarantee you fast, friendly, quality service.  You can also view some of the heat pump and mini-split systems that we specialize in by clicking here.

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