Heating Service in Seattle

Heating Service in SeattleComplete Mechanical can help with heating service in Seattle. Now that the days are getting cooler, you might find that when you get ready to boot up your heating system that it doesn’t work quite as anticipated — especially if you’ve had a busy summer that didn’t lead to having time to think as far ahead as getting your heating system prepped for cooler weather.

One of the first things you might notice as your furnace goes into action for the first time in the heating season is an odor of burned dust. That is because even if you had the air ducts or pipes cleaned in the spring, dust and pollen tends to accumulate in heating vents and on pipes. It is annoying, but not disastrous – the dust will quickly dissipate. A more serious difficulty might be if the pilot light won’t ignite, or something goes wrong with circulating water pipes or steam pipes. Mechanical parts can fail at unexpected moments. Another potential problem might be a filter that needs changed, or even simply cleaning out the furnace cavity. A late-season heating service can take care of all these things and more. We can also discuss alternative heating systems – such as split-zone heat pumps, that can bring safe additional heat to those cold corners of your home.

Complete Mechanical can help with heating service in Seattle, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. One of our knowledgeable teams can service your existing heating system, or discuss your options for alternative heating systems if it is time for a new one or a little supplemental help for the old one. We’ll be glad to help get your heating and cooling systems ready to keep your home comfortable throughout all seasons.