Heating Inspection

Every furnace should have a yearly inspection to ensure that it runs properly. A furnace that runs more efficiently can save hundreds of dollars throughout the year, while a furnace with issues is less efficient, and a safety hazard. The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. do a complete inspection of every unit, checking the furnace’s functionality down to the last detail. Some of the items on our furnace inspection checklist include: checking all of the compressors and motors, ensuring that the unit is controlling temperature as it should, checking the belts, emergency systems, and filters, and evaluating the thermostat.

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Gas and oil furnaces require a bit more checking, so our technicians will check the fuel lines, pilot light, and other specialties of gas and oil furnaces to make sure everything is up to spec. Throughout the year, you can check to ensure that your furnace is efficient and elongate its life by replacing the air filter, lubricating the bearings, and keeping the blower free of dust and dirt.

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