Getting Ready for Winter with Your Boiler Service in Mukilteo

At Complete Mechanical, we know that changing leaf colors and harvest festivals are the first hints of colder weather. If you need someone to help you with getting ready for winter with your boiler service in Mukilteo, we have technicians with the expertise to help.

Boiler Service in Mukilteo

Boilers can have a number of domestic uses. The first, and most obvious, is to heat water for your household. They can also be used to heat water for steam or hot water radiators. Regardless of the purpose for which the water is heated, boilers have certain characteristics in common. They have a tank for holding water and some sort of heat source. Modern boilers are likely to be heated by using gas or electricity. Historically, wood or coal are fuels that have been used. Hot water or steam heat have an advantage over forced air heat. They do not dry out the air in your home, and they produce radiant heat – which makes you feel warmer. However, like fireplaces or wood stoves (which also produce radiant heat) unless the system incorporates a blower, the heat tends to be localized or unevenly distributed. Discuss your boiler’s purpose and your options with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Possible items might include cleaning, checking thermostats and making sure the safety valves are in good working order.

Complete Mechanical can help with the process of getting ready for winter with your boiler service in Mukilteo. Just give us a call at (206)337-2360 and we will be glad to help you prepare your boiler for winter.