Get Ready for Winter With a Seattle Heat Pump Tune-Up

To be certain that your Seattle Heat Pump is ready for winter, it is strongly recommended that you have a certified technician perform a full inspection and service of the system. In fact, having your system “tuned-up” following both winter heating season and summer cooling is advised. A Seattle Heat Pump Service & Repair technician will insure that your unit is operating at peak efficiency.

What Happens at Tune-UP?

In addition to your recommended monthly visual inspection of the heat pump air filter, and replacement as indicated, a seasonal tune-up will include:

  • Inspection of air filters – replace as indicated
  • Blower Inspection – full inspection of blower wheel, housing and motor; repair, clean and replace as indicated. Technician will likely use a vacuum or blower to clean all debris from area; and a damp cloth to wipe remaining dirt not accessible with vacuum.
  • Coil Inspection – both indoor and outdoor coils inspected and cleaned, repaired or replaced as indicated
  • Drain System – inspect all drain lines, and the indoor drain pan (also auxiliary drain pan if applicable); repair, clean and replace as indicated
  • Electrical Check – inspection of all electrical terminations and wiring; repair, tighten and replace as indicated
  • Components – check all components for secure attachment; repair as indicated
  • Level of Outdoor Unit – check level side-to-side and front-to-back of the outdoor unit; revise as indicated. Using a lever to lift concrete pad that unit rests on, add gravel under the appropriate edge(s) to achieve level placement of outdoor unit.
  • Operational Check –  once inspection/repairs/cleaning/replacements are completed, operation of  the system will be determined. The technician will likely check both the heat and cool cycles of the system, and check balance of air flow. Any required adjustments will be made at this time. 

Benefits of Seasonal Maintenance

By first maintaining your system with monthly filter inspection/cleaning/replacement, your system will “breathe” more easily and run at peak efficiency. Additionally, with seasonal tune-ups, your system’s life will be extended while providing your family with the most comfortable atmosphere achievable with your system. Your certified technician is qualified to make recommendations concerning efficiency and comfort; in addition to answering any questions or alleviating any concerns you may have.