Gas Boilers – Steam and Water

boiler service in Mill CreekYour home or business can really benefit by having a gas boiler heating system for heating hot water or the entire building. It is both cost efficient and energy efficient. There are two different gas boiler heating units – steam or water – from which to choose. Complete Mechanical has qualified technicians to provide affordable boiler service in Mill Creek, regardless of the type of system you select.

Both gas boilers have similar operating modules and include the main boiler, an expansion tank, pressure gauge, aquastat, pressure release valve, low water cut-off and a drain valve. The differences lie in how water is used to produce heat.

In a gas boiler that is water-based, the gas increases the temperature of the water in the tank to between 120° and 180°. The heated water is pumped to radiators or heaters throughout the structure via pipes to provide warmth in an otherwise cold area. A separate piping system carries the cooled water back to the boiler where the process begins again.

Steam boilers utilize the same pipe configuration for distribution and return. Water is heated to boiling or 212°, where it becomes steam. The steam rises through the pipes to the radiators or heaters to warm a room. When the steam cools, it returns to liquid state or water and flows back to the boiler.

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