Furnace Service, Repair and Maintenance

Seattle Furnace RepairSeattle Furnace Service is a great way to get the longest life out of your furnace.  One of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to maintain your furnace is by changing your furnace filter on a regular, monthly basis. Not only does it keep your furnace running efficiently, it can also improve your homes indoor air quality.

A furnace seems to be one of those things a lot of homeowners forget about maintaining, until their system has shut down on a cold brisk morning. Don’t let that be your wake up call.

Some very basic maintenance tasks can save you from unexpected problems and unnecessary aggravation. By servicing your Seattle furnace system each year either yourself or by hiring a Seattle certified technician to perform these tasks, will save you a lot of headache and time in the long run.

If your going to do it yourself, keep these few tips in mind-Before performing any repairs or testing always make sure the power and fuel supply is turned off to your furnace. One thing to keep in mind before shutting down your system is that you know how to restart the pilot light.You really don’t need to turn off your furnace to replace your filters. However, getting you into the habit of always shutting it down before doing any work is a good habit to start.

If your going to hire a Seattle certified technician, the best time to have your furnace serviced for regular maintenance is after winter. Although this service isn’t usually a large out of pocket cost, you can find special promotions and Seattle furnace repair coupons during the off season. This is also a good time to have your air conditioning unit checked if you own one. This will also save money rather than waiting until summer and the certified technicians become over loaded with air-conditioning calls.

The most neglected part of your heating cooling system is the cold/heat source. Any issues with this area can lead to distribution problems. Keep it well maintained to insure it functions properly.

Cleaning your system is also extremely vital within maintaining your furnace and is actually the most important key to a smooth running furnace. Dirt can waste fuel and drastically lowers efficiency.  Get your Seattle Furnace Service, Repair & Maintenance at Complete-Hvac.com.