Furnace Service in Mill Creek

Time for Heating Service in SeattleComplete Mechanical can take care of your seasonal furnace service in Mill Creek. As the days grow warmer, most folks are thinking about turning off their furnace, and probably won’t even think about it until the next autumn frosts.

The end of the heating season is a good time to take care of basic maintenance. Clean out the furnace closet or – if it is a free-standing unit – at least blow the accumulated dust and debris from the intake area. No matter how cleanly your housekeeping, houses seem to accumulate dust. It creeps in under window sills, rides in on people’s feet, and flies around the room in the form of pet dander. No matter how assiduously you seal those windows, put down mats for dirty shoes or groom your pets, some of those little bits get sucked into the blower intake of your heater, particularly if it is an air-forced unit. Mechanical parts, such as fans, need oiling and the motors checked. The thermostat needs to be calibrated and checked. If your air conditioning unit shares the same ductwork as your furnace, now is a good time to get it blown out so that the fresh, cool air from your A/C unit will be fresh and clean. Speaking of fresh and clean, don’t forget the air filters – they are an important part of refreshing your interior air quality.

Complete Mechanical can take care of your seasonal furnace service in Mill Creek, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. We’ll be glad to arrange a time that is convenient for you for our crew to give your heating system a seasonal constitutional. Everyone needs a yearly checkup – and your heating system is no exception to that rule. A little attention now can save a lot of disappointment next heating season.