Furnace Service in Lynnwood — Use Warm Summer Days to Get Ready for Winter

Furnace Service in Lynnwood

Complete Mechanical reminds everyone that summer is a great time for furnace service in Lynnwood. You don’t need your furnace during the warm months of the year, so what better time to get to that failing fan motor, threadbare belt or squeaky cog? If we discover, upon inspection, that your furnace needs some new parts it is no hardship to wait a week or two for replacements during the warm season of the year.

If you have central air, “furnace service” could very well include changing out filters and cleaning air ducts that carry both warm and cold air, as the season demands. During winter, the action of the forced air fans pulls dust, dirt, pet fur and even human hair through the ventilation system. If anyone in your family has allergies to dust, pet dander or pollen, clean filters and ducts will help alleviate the triggers that can cause symptoms. Should you decide that the best way to “repair” your furnace is simply to replace it, summer gives plenty of time to effect the change. Our team is quick, efficient and understand the best ways to do a repair or installation, but even they sometimes need a little time to make sure that repairs or installation are done correctly.

If you are ready for a summer furnace service in Lynnwood, give Complete Mechanical a call at (206) 337-2360 to set up an appointment. Our team of field technicians do it all, from new filters and cleaning to helping you change over to a more efficient, sustainable heating system – and when we do it because we are a registered PUD company, you can get rebates and credits from the Puget Sound Energy company. They emphasize using geothermal or heat pumps, but some gas units are also eligible for rebates.