Furnace, Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Bellevue Washington

The best source for furnace, heat pump and air conditioning service and repair in Bellevue Washington and surrounding areas is Complete Mechanical, Inc.. If you need to schedule a service call or have a heating emergency Contact us now at 206-337-2360, we are available during normal business hours and offer after hours emergency phone service.

Complete Mechanical, Inc is a family owned business servicing the Bellevue area since 1995. As members of the community our name is important to us, so our service to you is unparalleled.

Hot water and air are two of the most important environmental factors in any home or business. Inefficient hot water heating, air conditioning and heating are bad for the environment as a whole as they contribute to unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, cause higher utility bills as less fuel on the property get converted to heat or cooling and in the case of heating and air conditioning, older inefficient systems are less able to cleanse the interior of structures of pollutants, contaminants and allergens.

At Complete Mechanical Inc, a Bellevue furnace service and repair company we offer an expert technical staff that can help you decide one of the most difficult questions property owners face – Should I repair or replace my hot water and/or air conditioning/heating system? Call or email for a free consultation.

As a general guide, equipment that is near or older than 15 years should be replaced unless a repair is very minor. Equipment this age is near the end of its useful life and is likely to be very inefficient when compared to equipment available today. Units between 5 and 10 years of age requires a discussion between you and our technical team, to determine anticipated length of life of the equipment to be repaired, how efficient the equipment is and other important factors. Efficiency is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating or SEER. Units with higher SEERs are more efficient than those with lower SEERs. In addition, we have a large selection of water heaters, air conditioners, heating furnaces and heat pumps that earned the EnergyStar Label from the United States government. Puget Sound Energy offers generous rebates on heating and cooling products as well as water heaters that are EnergyStar labeled. Call Complete Mechanical for more information: 206-337-2360 or on our Quick Contact Form.  Units under five years of age, generally should be repaired and not replaced, especially if still under warranty. Call or email now to schedule a service appointment.