Furnace Flue Inspection Point

It is typically a surprise to clients and customers when they learn that a furnace flue must both be inspected and cleaned every year. It’s fairly common knowledge that a chimney flue needs to be cleaned and swept, but many homeowners mistakenly believe that the fuel supplier is also in charge of the furnace flue. This is typically not the case, and this can lead to problems.

Here at Complete Mechanical, Inc., we inspect every furnace completely and fully when it comes time for a yearly inspection, and this includes the flue. A dirty furnace flue can do much more damage than simply causing the furnace to run inefficiently – it can be extremely dangerous. In addition to harmful toxins being introduced into the indoor air, clogs can also occur – and a backed up furnace can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Regardless of the type of fuel, a furnace flue must be checked and cleaned yearly. It’s also a good idea to have an inspection of the flue after furnace repair. New homeowners should have the furnace and its flue checked before moving in.

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