Furnace Burners Inspection Point

Part of being a homeowner is scheduling yearly maintenance and inspections for the major appliances in the home, such as the heating and air conditioning systems. Many older homes still have oil burning furnaces, and these must be checked every year to ensure that they are not posing any safety risks or hazards. In addition to safety reasons, furnace burners should also be checked and cleaned each year to ensure that they are running efficiently, and not costing a homeowner hundreds of dollars each year in unneeded costs.

As part of our yearly inspections, the technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. will completely check the furnace burners. This inspection usually begins outside with a visual inspection of the chimney for soot, followed by an indoor inspection where technicians perform a complete diagnostic test on the furnace burner, checking for problems. Technicians will also ask the homeowner if they’ve noticed any soot droppings within the home, or a decrease in the burner’s efficiency. Any problems, and our team can instantly troubleshoot them, for no interruption of heating services. A good time to have a furnace inspection is before the weather turns extremely cold, just in case repairs are in order.

To schedule your yearly furnace burner inspection, or to receive a free estimate for heating and cooling repairs, please call Complete Mechanical, Inc. today at (206)337-2360 to speak with a member of our staff.