Finding The Best Rebates for Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Redmond

Finding The Best Rebates for Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Redmond

Now is the perfect time to prepare for next year’s warm weather and the cold temperatures this winter by purchasing or upgrading to a ductless mini-split heat pump system. Since this type of unit is quite eco-friendly, you can save money at the same time. Check out this information about rebates for ductless mini-split systems in Redmond.

You may be unfamiliar with this state-of-the-art heating and cooling equipment. A mini-split unit distributes both warm and cool air in a single apparatus known as a heat pump. This decidedly efficient home heating and cooling system has been used for years in the South and in Europe and to keep homes comfy during weather extremes.

There are numerous benefits to switching to this incomparable heating and cooling arrangement:

  • Bulky, hard-to-install ductwork is a thing of the past. The indoor component connects to the outdoor unit via small refrigerant lines.
  • Control the climate in individual rooms with a remote, wall console or smartphone app.
  • Cut heating costs in half compared to conventional electric heating systems. Mini-split heating transmits heat instead of generating it, so heat pumps utilize 60% less energy.
  • Reduce cooling costs by 30% over traditional A/C units.

Ductless heating and cooling units are appropriate for homes with high-priced heating costs, older homes with no ductwork and houses that have pricey central heating systems. In addition, ductless HVAC units are a wise choice for home extensions or outbuildings, rooms that are not regularly occupied, aging commercial buildings without ductwork, new construction or spaces near areas not subject to heating and cooling.

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