Excessive Humidity and Your Boiler

Boiler Service in Bothell, WAJust as an electric heater provides warmth through the air via ductwork, your boiler system heats a structure by using forced hot water that travels through a series of pipes to create heat in your residence or business. Utilizing a boiler is beneficial for heating multiple areas in one building at different temperatures, therefore reducing energy costs as heat is only distributed where needed at any give time. There are occasions, however, when you may require boiler service in Bothell because your boiler is not operating properly or efficiently. One of the issues you may face is excessive humidity or dampness in one room or throughout the building.

While humidity indoors is important for overall health and comfort, humidity levels in excess of 55% can lead to problems with breathing, sleep, mold, bacteria, dust mites and allergies. There are several indications that your boiler may have a malfunction if you have too much moisture in the air.

  • White vapor coming out of the chimney may signal a boiler leak.
  • Too much water going into the boiler from the automatic feeder.
  • Large holes or broken or missing fittings can cause steam to escape.
  • Poor ventilation due to improper installation or a blockage causes extra moisture to seep out.

Steam leaks that are not immediately obvious can be sometimes difficult to locate and require a professional for diagnosis and repair. Contact the specialists at Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 for humidity problems with your boiler unit and for competent and reliable boiler service in Bothell. Leave your boiler concerns to us.