Everything you Need for Boiler Service in Everett

boiler service in EverettComplete Mechanical has everything you need for boiler service in Everett. You might ask “What is boiler service? And why do I need it?”

A boiler is the containment and heating system for hot water; but it is more than that. A boiler is set up to provide hot water for heating systems or for steam-driven mechanical processes. At one time, such systems were the heart and center of the industrial revolution. While they are not so common these days, steam systems are not unknown. Furthermore, radiant steam or hot water heat is making a comeback. Whereas forced air systems tend to blow around dust and cease to warm an area after the heating unit or blower turns off, radiant heat from hot water pipes or radiators continue to warm surfaces even while the heating unit is off. One drawback to such a system is the potential for water leaks. However, the biggest difficulty is the cost of installing a system – especially if it is a breadboard, DIY sort of job. An existing system could be something to treasure, especially if it is in good repair. Our knowledgeable team of HVAC technicians have everything necessary to maintain such a system.

Complete Mechanical has everything you need for boiler service in Everett, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. Whether your boiler is just heating water for your home or business, or if it is doing a whole lot more than that, our team has the tools and the knowledge to keep it working just as it should in most cases. In the rare event that your system has reached the stage of needing some sort of replacement, we can offer a variety of options and work with you on the installation.