Energy Savings

Energy-StarAs an international symbol of energy efficiency, Energy Star was developed about twenty years ago as a means of rating products that utilize a substantial reduction in energy. The products displaying an Energy Star symbol have been put through rigorous testing to determine whether they meet specific levels of energy efficiency. Not only must they meet the energy efficiency standards that are set, these products must also be able to operate effectively while meeting the energy requirements.

The Energy Star symbol is displayed on thousands of products around the world including major appliances, heating and cooling equipment, lighting products, office equipment, electronics, windows and doors, new homes and commercial products. Consumers are accustomed to the symbol as It appears on a large number of consumer and commercial products and packaging. In order for a business to register its product with the Energy Star program, it must prove that the item meets the stringent standards of the system.

For companies there are many benefits of being registered with the Energy Star system which includes giving them an advantage over their competitors. The Energy Star program also works with state and municipal organizations to help consumers and the world at large to reduce wasted energy save money and work toward creating a better environment.

The Energy Star program utilizes a rating system to demonstrate the standards it supports. The system works on a scale between 1 and 100, 1 being the lowest possible score and 100 being the best. The specifications for this scale are determined by the Department of Energy and differ on each product. For instance the energy efficiency expectations of a refrigerator are lower than that of a dishwasher. The rating system for each product is displayed through a label on the product so that consumers can easily see the scores.