Edmonds Hot Water Tank Service

Is there a mysterious leak coming from beneath your hot water heater? This is not simply a minor problem that should be ignored, as it can be a sign of a major underlying issue that can lead to significant damage to floors and walls, in addition to mold formation. This type of leak requires professional hot water tank service in Edmonds to ensure the health and safety of all home inhabitants and visitors.

Hot Water Tank Service in Edmonds

After determining that the leak is actually coming from the water tank rather than some other piece of equipment in the area, it is important to turn the power off to the unit at its source, as well as shutting off the water to the tank. Locating the specific problem takes careful investigation since there are several locations within the system that could be the culprit. The connections for the cold water inlet and hot water outlet will be evaluated to make certain the seals are effectively operational. Additional components that bear consideration include the pressure and temperature relief valves, the heater drain valve and the bottom of the tank itself.

Depending upon the severity of the leak, a repair may be all that is necessary. More in-depth situations on an older tank may necessitate replacement with a more energy efficient and cost effective model.

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