Ductless Mini Split Heating System in Lynnwood

Ductless Mini Split Heating System in LynnwoodComplete Mechanical has the expertise to install a ductless mini split heating system in Lynnwood. The importance of this might not be obvious to one unacquainted with this unique system. But one of the very important first steps is to make sure that the system being installed is the right size for the home or office. If it is too small, the system will cycle too often. If it is too large, it will over-power the space and money will be wasted through purchase of a bigger heat system than is needed.

With that said, the system can save both money and space for the people who are purchasing them. The outside part of the unit can be placed as much as fifty feet away from the entry point into the house. This creates a flexibility of placement not available with older heat pump systems. The entry point used a three-inch hole that is bored through from the outside of the building right in through the inner finishing layers. Of course, knowledgeable technicians will check to make sure that the hole will not encounter any existing wiring or other utilities in the installation process.

Inside the building the system can power up to four heating zones. Each one uses a seven-inch unit that is connected to the main unit. Settings on the inside units can be changed using a remote. This is handy because the units can be installed high up on a wall or even hung from the ceiling. Of course, it can also be installed as a free standing unit. If you are curious about a ductless mini split heating system in Lynnwood, you can call (206)337-2360 to learn more about how it works. One of our teams will assess your situation and create an estimate.