Ductless Mini Split Heating System in Edmonds

Ductless Mini Split Heating System in EdmondsComplete Mechanical would like to tell our friends and neighbors about the ductless mini split heating system in Edmonds. The ductless mini split heating system is sort of like a baby heat pump. It takes up less space – both inside and out – and is relatively easy to install. The tricky part about installation is making sure that the unit is the right size for the space that will be heated. Too small, and the unit will kick on too often, too small and the home owner will be spending way too much money on more unit than is needed.

The system has two parts: and outside part and inside parts. The outside part is a small heat pump that can be positioned as far as fifty feet away from the entry point. This means that the outside unit can be located unobtrusively while the inside unit can be placed in the location that needs to be heated. In fact, up to four inside units can be connected to one exterior unit. This means that the unit can heat four zones, each of which can be separately controlled. Each unit can be set by using a remote, which is handy because the units can be placed high up on a wall or suspended from the ceiling – places that might be difficult to reach to set controls that are on the unit itself. However, the inside units can also be set up as a free-standing unit.

Tax credits and rebates are also available with a little searching for the Edmonds ductless mini split heating system.  These can help reduce the over-all cost of installation. However, the real saving is in the amount of energy that is used to heat the home. These little units are extremely efficient – a true value in today’s ever-escalating costs for heating and cooling.