Ductless Mini Split Heating System in Bothell

Ductless Mini Split Heating System in BothellComplete Mechanical would like to share information about the ductless mini split heating system in Bothell. The ductless mini split heating system is easier to install and takes less space within and without a home or office than a large-size heat pump. The exterior unit can be placed as far as fifty feet from the entry point into the home.

As to that entry point, it need only be a three-inch diameter hole drilled through the wall from the exterior to the interior. The necessary wiring and so on will then be passed through conduit that is placed in this hole. On the inside of the house, a seven-inch unit can be place high up on a wall, hung from the ceiling or arranged as a free-standing unit. A single outside unit can handle up to four inside units, which makes it possible to set different temperatures in up to four zones. The units are controlled by using a remote – a circumstance that is of real benefit if it is installed in a location that is difficult to reach.

Ductless mini split heating systems in Bothell require a qualified crew to install the unit. The actual installation is relatively easy; however, to derive full benefit from the energy saving aspects of the units they must be correctly sized to the space that they will be heating. Too small, and they will cycle too often, too large and money is wasted on over-buying. Our team at Complete Mechanical has the expertise needed to correctly size a unit and to efficiently install it. Just call (206)337-2360 for one of our representatives to sit down to talk with you about taking advantage of these wonderful devices. We will be happy to discuss an installation.