Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System In Bellevue

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System In BellevueComplete Mechanical announces: We can do mini splits! No that’s not a new kind of exercise, it is a ductless mini split heat pump system in Bellvue. We are pretty excited about it – not everyone can install these handy little gadgets.

A ductless mini split system has a lot of advantages over the old-style heat pump systems. They don’t require as much exterior space, and they can be placed up to fifty feet away from the entry point in your home. They don’t require ductwork – which can be a major advantage in homes that are built on slabs or otherwise have limited space for that kind of installation. They don’t take up space in a window, and they don’t cause a window to be open the way a window unit does. That means that a mini split system leaves your home more secure. More than that, it doesn’t require a big hole in the wall, either. The indoor units can be hung from a wall or from a dropped ceiling, or they can be placed as a free standing unit. The outdoor unit does require some sort of drain to condensation, and some people think that the indoor units are a little clunky. But we think they are pretty neat. We think you, our customers, will like them, too, especially when you see the difference they can make in your cooling bill.

If you are ready to switch over to a ductless mini split heat pump system in Bellvue, we’ll be happy to show you how a ductless  mini split heat pump system in Bellvue can make a difference in your home comfort. Just give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360 and we’ll be happy to help size your home for a mini split.

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