Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System Everett

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System EverettComplete Mechanical, Inc., would like to draw attention to the ductless mini split heat pump system in Everett. It is smaller than its old-style cousins, and is ideal for adding in a unit where none existed before or for an installation in a new addition onto your home.

Here is how it works. Outside is a smallish heat pump unit, which can be positioned up to fifty feet from the entry point into the home. Inside the house, there can be four units or zones controlled from the same outside unit. The inside units are connected to the outside unit using conduit to house all of the connection. A hole that is only three inches in diameter is needed to be drilled through the wall of the house. The inside units are about seven inches across, and can be installed on the wall, a dropped ceiling or as a stand-alone unit. Each interior unit can be equipped with a remote, making it easy to change temperature and other settings on a unit that is hung on a wall or ceiling.

Some people find the external units a little clunky, but careful planning can make them blend with décor, and it is true that the mini split is more expensive than some installations, but the cost can be reduced in some cases by locating manufacturer rebates, utility company credits and tax credits.

If you are interesting in installing a ductless mini split heat pump system in Everett, give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360. We will be happy to work out the details with you, including assessing your space to make sure you get the correct size unit – something that is very important with these mini split heat pumps.