Duct System Sealing Inspection Point

It is a good idea to always perform regular maintenance on your household appliances to ensure that they are running properly. For heating and air conditioning systems, it is a must. Proper maintenance and inspection not only ensures that the system is running efficiently and properly, it also gives you peace of mind, knowing that there are no dangers or hazards present.

Forced-air heating and cooling systems use ducts to circulate the air throughout the house. When the system was installed, the ducts were sealed. As systems age, the duct seals can degrade, and the seals are not sealed as fully as they once were.

As part of our complete inspection of all types of heating and cooling systems, the technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. perform a battery of tests (inspection points) on all heating and cooling systems. One of the things we look at is how well the ducts are sealed. Improper ducts can cause high energy bills, uncomfortable rooms, and rooms that are tough to heat and cool. We will let you know immediately if your duct system requires repair to make it more efficient.

If it’s time to book your yearly HVAC inspection, call the experts at Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206)237-2360 to schedule an appointment. We can also provide a free estimate for all types of heating and air conditioning work.