Dirty Air Filter Inspection Point

Having a heating system that keeps you comfortable and warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a wonderful addition to any home, but there is certain maintenance that is requires of every HVAC system. The best thing to do for any HVAC system is to have a trusted technician and company perform a yearly inspection to ensure that the system is running efficiently, and does not pose a safety hazard.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are well-versed in all types of different air conditioning and heating systems, and inspect each one based on an extensive checklist with certain points. As part of a yearly inspection, we check the air filter in all HVAC systems. A dirty air filter is perhaps the number one cause of inefficiency in heating and air conditioning systems, and it is perhaps the easiest problem to fix. Our technicians will check the air filter, replacing it if it is dirty. A dirty filter not only makes the system run inefficiently, but it can also grow mold, causing mold to be introduced into the home’s air.

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