Defending Your Winter Indoor Air Quality in Lake Stevens

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to change color, the light takes on that special quality that comes from the changed angle of the sun, and the last flowers of summer spread their glorious (Achoo!) pollen. Complete Mechanical is ready to help you get ready to defend your winter indoor air quality in Lake Stevens from the seasonal invasion of pollen, dust and mold that goes with late summer and autumn.

Defending your indoor air quality can begin with simple maintenance of your furnace and air conditioner, particularly if they share ductwork and filters. Early autumn is a good time to get your furnace ready to go, and prepare your air conditioner to be tucked in for the winter. That is only the beginning when it comes to indoor air quality, however. Without the influx of filtered outdoor air brought in by air conditioning units, the air quality inside any home can become stale and stuffy. Quality air freshening units can capture dust, pollen and even outgassing from furniture and ornaments made from plastics and resins. While one or two items are not likely to significantly impact your indoor air quality, several can impart an odd sort of chemical odor.

Complete Mechanical is more than happy to help not only with your seasonal HVAC preparations, but we can also install air fresheners. We are prepared to defend your winter indoor air quality in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (206)337-2360 to learn more about how our HVAC team can prepare your home to defeat the stuffy winter air monsters that come with battening down the hatches and getting ready for cold weather. We can help you keep your home cozy and the air smelling fresh at the same time.