Contactor Inspection Point

A contactor is an integral part of an air conditioning unit’s compressor system. Its basic function is to energize or de-energize the compressor itself or the fan motor. As part of a yearly thorough examination and inspection, contactors should be checked to ensure they are functioning properly, and also to ensure that the compressor poses no safety hazard.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are well-versed in every type of air conditioning and compressor system and check the contactor as part of their yearly inspection. We will look to ensure that the contactor coil is in good condition, stable enough to last another year. We will also check the coils of the contactor with an ohmmeter to ensure their proper function. Lastly, we check the contacts themselves to ensure that they are viable enough to withstand a large electrical load. If there is a problem with any part of the system, we will fix it completely and promptly.

For an expert inspection on your air conditioning or heating unit, call Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206)337-2360 for a yearly inspection from one of our professional technicians. We can also provide free estimates for both heating and air conditioning work.