Commercial AC Installation, Service & Repair in Bothell

Commercial AC Installation, Service & Repair in BothellSummer heat is very uncomfortable, and it is worse when someone is trying to concentrate on work.  Concentration and being uncomfortable don’t go well together. Businesses must ensure that their AC’s stay working both for their employees and their customers as well. Some businesses even need AC’s for special equipment to function correctly. Complete Mechanical can help keep that level of comfort going we are a one-stop commercial AC installation, service & repair in Bothell.

Need a new AC installed? Our technicians will not only work closely with each customer to design each system to their specifications, but they will also install and ensure it is working the way was requested to. Since installations can be complex we only use highly-trained technicians and specialists for all our installations.

We understand that repairs, installations and even routine maintenance service can be costly that is why we aim to help keep those costs down. We only charge what is absolutely necessary for our services. Our prices are fair and affordable, and our technicians will never overcharge or push for repairs that are not needed.

Annual routine maintenance should be performed on all AC units; this will help to prevent any large scale repairs in the future. During each inspection our specialists will thoroughly check each unit identifying any potential problems, and correct them on the spot.

Although routine maintenance may be performed repairs still may be needed, and when they are we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repair and restore the air for our customers quickly and efficiently.

Air conditioning is important to a business in the summer time to keep its employees and customers cool and comfortable. If commercial AC installation, service & repair in Bothell is needed, contact Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360, our staff is available to answer all your questions.