Can Solar HVAC Systems Function All Year? Contact Seattle Solar experts at Complete Mechanical

Whether you’re building a new home or considering implementation of ‘green’ energy on your existing structure, don’t discount solar energy! Contact Seattle Solar installers for a complete profile of your needs. While the initial installation is quite pricey, your monthly savings and reduction of your carbon footprint can offset that investment fairly quickly. Experts have estimated that for every dollar you save in energy costs with the inclusion of solar power, your home’s value increases by as much as $20.00 – specifically, if you save $1,000.00/year on your fuel and electricity output, it increases the value of your home by as much as $20,000.00!

Cost Considerations

Although the cost of solar installations has decreased over the years, it is still a $7,000.00 – $10,000.00 investment for the average home. There are tax incentives and you can even sell excess electricity back to the local electric supplier. Some banks will even allow you to lease the solar panels – which would eliminate your ability to sell kW hours to your power company; but you will still benefit by monthly savings on your energy bills. Additionally, it has been surmised that forward thinking home buyers will choose a solar powered home or commercial building over a traditionally powered structure by 2:1! In general, it is considered that your investment in solar power will be recouped in 5-10 years. Consider the investment:

$20,000 with a return of $3,000.00/year in energy savings

= 15% return on investment

Carbon Footprint

A common misconception is that the actual production of the solar panels creates more pollution than the solar panels will ever recover. The fact of the matter is that the unwanted byproducts of production are ‘paid back’ in the first year of an estimated 30 years of solar service. According to the Department of Energy (DOE):

Because the systems generally last 30 years, during the 30 years of a system’s life, it is producing free and clean electricity for 29 of those years.

Each kWH of solar electricity produced is equivalent to the following not being produced by fossil fuel methods:

  • 9 kilograms sulfuric oxide
  • 16 kilograms of nitrous oxide
  • 600-2,300 kilograms carbon dioxide/year

Essentially, by powering your home with a 2.5-kilowatt system, the clean electricity will offset the carbon footprint of 1 family car!

Solar Installation

While installing a solar powered system is not a do-it-yourself project, there are steps that you can take to make the process move quickly. Generally, the installation process takes about 3 days for a whole home system.

  1. Collect documentation of 12 month kWH usage history (if converting from fossil fueled energy)
  2. Contact Seattle Solar – a satellite survey of your structure will determine the feasibility of solar power for your home
  3. Seattle Solar will compile a cost analysis which includes installation estimate and savings potential
  4. You decide whether the installation is financially feasible
  5. Once you’ve decided to convert to solar, Seattle Solar experts will visit your home to determine any obstructions or other preparations required to complete installation