Boiler Service in Lake Stevens or Discuss a Ductless Heat Pump

Boiler Service in Lake Stevens or Discuss a Ductless Heat PumpComplete Mechanical can help with your Boiler Service in Lake Stevens. Boilers are often part of home or business heating systems. While some of them are up-to-date and efficient, many of the older ones are inefficient, making less than optimal use of the fuel or energy they consume. However, if your boiler is part of the primary heating system for your home or business, it can be extremely expensive to replace the entire system. We would like to suggest an alternative.

Using a split-zone ductless heat pump can take the pressure off your primary heating system. These energy efficient heat pumps are easy to install. They use an entry point of two or three inches in diameter, drilled through all layers of your building’s wall. Units come in various sizes, with up to four different heating zones possible. This will allow you to control which zones receive supplemental heat, and when. The ductless heat pump takes the pressure off your existing system and allows you to deliver heat to areas that might previously have been rather chilly. It also means not having to turn up the thermostat on your old heating system, making some areas too warm in order to heat other areas. In previous seasons, you might have used space heaters to take up the slack in colder parts of your home. A professionally installed ductless heat pump is both safer and more energy efficient than space heaters.

Call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 for boiler service in Lake Stevens, or to discuss installing a ductless heat pump in your home or business. As always, our customers’ comfort is our foremost goal. We strive to assist you with maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home throughout all seasons.