Boiler Service in Bothell

boiler service in BothellYour boiler has a big job to do, as heating becomes even more important as the days continue to cool. To ensure that your boiler remains in top-notch condition and is operating safely, contact Complete Mechanical for boiler service in Bothell today.

Dangers of several types lurk in the boiler room. High pressure steam, chemicals, hot surfaces, moving machinery, combustible gases and the risk for explosion all exist. However, as long as proper care is given to effectively and regularly maintaining the equipment, a boiler can continue to safely run for a long time.

Possible problems that can occur in a boiler room can lead to serious or even fatal consequences. Our technicians will provide guidance and assistance about these situations at our inspection. They include:

  • Excess steam that exceeds the pressure limits for the boiler.
  • Accidental ignition of gases.
  • Not enough water in the boiler. This can lead to overheating and melting of components.
  • When water level is low, adding cool water to the hot water may cause a steam flash that leads to an explosion.

Utilizing proper safety measures and equipment, we will carefully inspect all parts of your boiler system. This encompasses the water levels, water treatment, steam and safety valves and burner controls. Any issues will be immediately addressed and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Call Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 to schedule your appointment for boiler service in Bothell. Allow us to make certain that your boiler is functioning at its optimum levels for safe operation this winter.