Bellevue Mitsubishi Split-System Ductless: Unique Solution to Difficult Problems

Bellevue Mitsubishi Split-System Ductless A/C (heat pump) provides a viable solution for unique construction demands. Because the Mr. Slim system has a number of attributes that allow it to be used in virtually any location with a power source, the system has become ever increasingly popular. The attributes include:

  • No large floor, wall or ceiling penetrations required
  • No ductwork required
  • Only needs a 3-inch to 4-inch penetration between the inside and outside units to supply power and coolant lines
  • No obstructions from bulky units or wall/ceiling/floor penetrations

Sun Room (Florida Room, 3-Season Room)

One of the most enjoyable rooms in (on) a home is a sun room. The problem is that room is only usable 2-3 seasons of the year! With little to no insulation, and a lot of glass, maintaining a comfortable temperature in a Florida room is nearly impossible when the weather is either too hot or too cold.

Attempting to use your existing HVAC to condition the air in a 3-season room will only serve to deplete the treated air inside the main house. Extending existing ductwork to encompass the exterior room can place too much demand on your current system as it tries to maintain temperature settings throughout the year. It is quite possible that your current system would need to be resized, and the sun room properly insulated to achieve any degree of comfort.

Another option you may be tempted to try is just opening the doors/windows between the main structure and the Florida room. This would be even less effective than extending the ductwork. Plus, by opening the doors, you will essentially be “air conditioning/heating the whole outdoors!” (As my mother was quite fond of saying)…

The Only Solution

Whether planning to enclose an existing porch, designing an entirely new sun room addition, or upgrading an existing Florida Room, to enable year-round use of a sun room, the air must be conditioned. As most sun rooms are constructed primarily of glass (windows, sliding doors, glass panes,  etc.), you may find it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space.

Because installation does not require any wall/ceiling penetration for installation, your view will remain unobstructed. Imagine on a cold, snowy winter morning, sipping from a steaming cup of fresh coffee as you read the paper in your cozy Florida room. Properly heated/cooled, your now-4-season room will become an oasis.