Before You Call for Furnace Service in Lynnwood

Furnace Service in LynnwoodTo properly maintain your gas furnace, it is important to have semi-annual furnace service in Lynnwood. Experts recommend at least once per year, but twice is even better. Sometimes even with proper attention there are issues that may arise with your furnace. Before you call for help, check the following components of your heating system:

  • Thermostat – Be sure that it is set to “heat.” The switch may have been inadvertently moved. It should also be set to a temperature where it will actually come on. Also, look at whether the thermostat is at “auto” or “on.” To check it, move to the “on” setting and wait a few minutes for it to begin to operate.
  • Filter – Filters should be changed monthly to ensure that they do not become clogged or dirty. A soiled filter inhibits effective furnace operation.
  • Batteries – If your thermostat is battery-powered, make certain that they are working.
  • Circuit Breaker – Be sure that the breaker has not tripped. Reset, if necessary.
  • Furnace Switch – As this switch typically looks like a light switch, it can be mistaken as such. Be sure that it is on.
  • Furnace Light or Code – Furnaces installed after 1990 have a small, lit window that may indicate an error code. Codes should be listed inside the furnace door.
  • Gas Valve – Be sure the valve is on.

If one of the above components seems to be amiss, do not hesitate to contact Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 for professional furnace service in Lynnwood. Let us ensure that your heating system is fully safe and functional.