Bearing & Belt Condition Inspection Point

Homeowners that have heating and air conditioning units installed in their home should have them inspected on a yearly basis. This preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road, and also can ensure that your unit is running as it should, perhaps saving hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Most importantly, all of the moving parts, components, and belts on a heating and air conditioning system should be checked regularly to ensure that there is no safety hazard present.

The expert technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. have an inspection point list which they follow to the letter, ensuring every piece on the unit is functioning as it should. As part of this inspection, we look at the condition of all the bearing and belts on HVAC units. A belt that has a buildup of grime must be replaced. Similarly, corroded bearings can cause major repairs, and it’s best to catch them as they begin to corrode. Similarly to belts in a car, belts can also weaken and break, thereby causing a heating or air conditioning unit not to work. Visually checking these components is a very important part of a yearly inspection.

To schedule a yearly maintenance inspection for your heating or air conditioning unit, or to receive a free estimate for HVAC work in your home, please call Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206)337-2360 to speak with a member of our staff.