Auxiliary and Condensate Drain Pan and Pump Inspection Point

Becoming a homeowner also comes with certain responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that the proper yearly maintenance is performed on heating and cooling systems each year. This yearly maintenance not only ensures that the system is running properly and efficiently, but also gives peace of mind when the homeowner knows that there are no hazards present and their unit is running safely.

One item on the inspection point checklist that is very important but often overlooked is the checking of the auxiliary and condensate drain pan and pump. As the seasons change and heat pumps are used to cool the house rather than heat it, condensate can build up and cause leaky water from ceilings and walls if not checked. This can lead to hysterical homeowners worried they have a roof leak, when in reality it is a simple HVAC issue with a quick fix.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are well-versed in all types of maintenance and HVAC systems, and check the auxiliary and condensate drain pan and pump as part of their inspection. Our technicians will check the drain pans and other parts, ensuring that there is no condensate present.

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