Are you having issues with your Seattle heating?

As we all know the winter months in Seattle can be bitter and cold at time.  And is the worst time to lose a valuable heating source like your furnace, is when the temperature is below freezing, brr.  In many cases, your furnace is your only heating source. When the temperature begins to drop below freezing your heating system could be working overtime, which is why it’s crucial to keep your furnace in tip top shape.  You can keep your running safely and efficiently by having routine maintenance inspections on your furnace.

Proper maintenance is a key factor in keeping your home safe and warm in the wintertime. A thorough tune up is recommended to keep your heating system in good shape and can keep it up and running for many years to come. A neglected heating system can be a potential hazard to your home and to your family and failure of your furnace could occur which can result incarbon monoxide poisoning, gas leak or worse yet a fire. It’s vital that you have your furnace inspected by a Seattle Heating Contractor as asafety precaution and to ensure your heating systems longevity. Here are a few problems that can be a hazard and that you want to insure is not currently happening to your heating system.

  • Burnt wires that can start fires
  • Clogged burners which cause improper gas burning and reduces efficiency
  • Thermostat problems which could cause the furnace to work
  • High Carbon Monoxide levels which can cause sickness and possibly death

Taking some time out of your day to get a Furnace inspection will give you the comfort of knowing you’re furnace is safe.  When you’re ready to get your furnace inspected, contact a Seattle Furnace Repair expert, who will save you time, money and quite possibly even your life by ensuring your furnace is 100% safe.