Air Conditioning Service in Seattle to Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Service in Seattle

With autumn temperatures ranging from the low 60’s to the lower 70’s (Fahrenheit), air conditioning probably isn’t topmost in your mind.  It is a great time, however, to get your air conditioning unit ready for winter. Complete Mechanical can do a complete air conditioning service in Seattle and surrounding area. Depending upon your type of unit, we will clean, check the parts, and do the necessary steps to tuck it in for the winter. If your unit is part of a central air unit, now is a good time to get those ducts cleaned out and the filters changed before you switch the system over into winter heating.

Modern air conditioners have become much more sophisticated than the ones sold even ten years ago. With the push toward energy efficiency, many of them have computer components that help with turning the unit on or off as the ambient temperature changes. Most of the time, that is good news – good for your indoor comfort because it can keep your rooms at a more even temperature, and good for your electric bill because you use less power. It is not good news, however, if an electrical storm has compromised some of the circuits, or if the unit is simply beginning to wear out through use. Although modern coolants are more environmentally friendly, they still need to be handled by a licensed professional. Checking your coolant, and making sure the fans are functioning properly is another part of you’re a/c service visit.

Complete Mechanical is ready to take care of your air conditioning service in Seattle, just call (206)337-2360 to learn more about how we can help put you’re a/c unit to bed for the winter. We also offer service for your heating unit.