Air Conditioning Service in Lake Stevens

At Complete Mechanical we know that an El Nino year can bring challenges to otherwise well regulated homes. It can even impact your air conditioning in Lake Stevens – and possibly your heating as well.

Air Conditioning Service in Lake StevensEl Nino is a current in the Pacific Ocean that, as it warms or cools and shifts about, affects weather on the mainland. It can cause warm areas to be cold, wet areas to be dry. This year – 2015 – El Nino was expected to be mild, but residents in the Midwest might dispute that thought as weather systems dumped unusual amounts of rain onto southern and central Missouri causing exceptionally high water levels in lakes, putting pressure on dams and flooding  low-lying towns such as Cassville. Weather for the west coast has remained hot and dry, since this El Nino was late in getting started, and missed southern California’s rainy season. For Seattle and surrounding areas – such as Lake Stevens – the high-pressure ridge that held off El Nino’s usual influence minimized winter snow. However, El Nino is finally here, with weather that is comparatively warmer and dryer for the Northwest. That could mean extra work for your air conditioner, and it might be time for a little check up to help it out. It could also mean a mild winter for the Washington area and the rest of the northwest.

Complete Mechanical can examine your air conditioning in Lake Stevens so that no matter what shenanigans the weather gets up to, it will be ready to handle it. Just give us a call at (206)337-2360. Our trained professionals can diagnose, repair or even install new units if that is what it takes to keep your home comfortable this summer season.