Air Conditioning Service in Everett

air conditioning service in Everett

Complete Mechanical is ready for your spring air conditioning service in Everett. Spring is a wonderful season – the grass gets green, flowers bloom, birds sing, and all kinds of creatures are courting in the lovely warm days. Unfortunately, as all those things bloom and leaf out, pollen fills the air.

Your air conditioning unit can help with that. Not only can it make those first warm days more comfortable, it can filter out the pollen, dust, and exhaust that can mingle with the moisture from early spring showers – the ones that bring more flowers. However, your air conditioner has been through the winter months, sitting out in the whatever weather is normal for your local area. A service visit will help get it past the winter ravages and put it into good shape to filter air and cool your home in the coming summer months. A service visit includes cleaning out outside units, checking thermostats, making sure that vents are clear and clean. Or, in other words, a service visit makes sure that the air that comes into your home is springtime fresh – minus all the pollen, dust, exhaust and other pollutants that are normal to outside air.

Complete Mechanical is ready for your spring air conditioning service in Everett, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. We have all the tools and knowledge of the techniques needed to put all sorts of air conditioning systems into good operating order. We also have the resources to replace defective units or to set up a brand-new system – including advanced models such as the mini-split heat pump systems. Spring is a good time to plan for summer air conditioning, and our team can help you with that.