Air Conditioning Service in Bothell

air conditioning service in Bothell

Complete Mechanical HVAC can help with your air conditioning service in Bothell. When the warm months of summer are coming on, it is the last time of year to be without those cool, clean breezes that come out of a well-maintained air conditioning unit.

Air conditioners come in a wide variety of types. They range from the evaporation units, sometimes referred to as “swamp coolers”, through window units, standalone ACs, central air and heat pumps. Of all these, heat pumps are the most efficient. A truly interesting heat pump application is using one to pull the excess heat out of the air to heat your water via a boiler or similar appliance while sending the freshly chilled air back into your home. With the right kind of rig, you could even have that boiler creating electricity – making that unit about as close to a perpetual motion machine as is currently possible. All right, that might be just a little bit of an exaggeration, but the possibilities are exciting – especially if you love to tinker with housing design ideas and sustainability. For the folks who just want their air conditioner to function properly, our dedicated team will be glad to check it over, give it a seasonal cleaning and have it ready for those broiling days of late summer.

Complete Mechanical, Inc., can help with your air conditioning service in Bothell, just call us at (206)337-2360 to set up an appointment. With clean filters and all the trimmings, you can anticipate having clean, cool air from your air conditioning unit – just as it produced when it was new. If you are ready to install a new unit, we have the knowledge, equipment and contacts to make that happen, as well.