Air Conditioner Service in Everett

air conditioner service in EverettComplete Mechanical has your air conditioner service in Everett. Spring can be a season of mixed blessings – sometimes hot, sometimes cold, with the occasional perfect day in between extremes. One solution to this is to have a mini-split heat pump installed. Mini-splits are small heat pumps that can power two to four different heating and cooling zones in your home. Some models will both heat and cool.

For the rest of us, spring is a good time to get the old air conditioner cleaned and checked before cooling season arrives. New filters help lend that springtime freshness to your home. If you have central air, and must switch your system from heating to cooling, this is also a good time to get those air ducts cleaned, getting rid of all the winter dirt and dust that has managed to make its way into the system. Checking and calibrating the thermostat is also part of seasonal maintenance – especially if your thermostat does double duty for both heating and cooling. Air conditioner maintenance can go a long way toward making your transition from winter to summer more pleasant – even though spring is a season of mixed blessings.

Complete Mechanical has your air conditioner service in Everett, just call (206)337-2360 to set up an appointment. We also have an afterhours and weekend service for those times when something goes wrong, and just won’t wait for regular business hours. Your comfort is our business, and we are glad to make every effort to help our neighbors develop a pleasant environment inside their home or business. Replace, repair or service, we can easily take care of your HVAC service. Our office staff are ready to discuss your needs and set up appointments for scheduled maintenance events.