Advantages of Gas Fireplaces Installed by Seattle HVAC Contractor

Imagine a cold winter day (or a cool summer evening); family gathered around the fireplace – the ambiance of the orange/red flames is rich and warm. Building memories of a crackling fire after a strenuous day is made much simpler with a gas fireplace installed by Seattle Gas Fireplace Contractor. Tempted to fulfill your dreams with a traditional fireplace? Consider the numerous benefits of a gas fireplace first!


Keep in mind the hassle of a wood burning fireplace:

  • Wood Storage
  • Chimney Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Fireplace Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Building/Maintaining Wood Fire

With a gas fireplace, there is virtually no cleanup necessary. Simply flick a switch or push a button and voila! – the warm glow of a fire is immediate! You need never worry about fuel (wood) storage, as most gas fireplaces are fueled by either natural gas or propane. Either way, the fuel is piped into the fireplace – with no need for wood storage or traipsing out in foul weather to continue to feed the flames.


Gas fireplaces drastically reduce fire hazards associated with traditional fireplaces. With no sparks from burning wood, the fear of setting your carpet or other items close to the firebox on fire. With no creosote build-up from burning wood, you need not worry about chimney fires. As a matter of fact, should you choose a ventless gas fireplace, the heat sucking chimney becomes obsolete!


Traditional fireplaces can remove more heat through the chimney than is produced in the firebox – especially once the fire dies down. In comparison, a gas fireplace (or insert) is at least 75% efficient! Using a gas fireplace to heat a specific area allows you to reduce the thermostat in the remainder of your home; potentially reducing total energy consumption.


With decreased energy consumption and the cleaner fire produced by gas; a gas fireplace is much more environmentally friendly than a traditional wood burning fireplace. As there is no production of smoke, ashes or other particulates, a gas burning fireplace produces a ‘green’ fire! With no harmful by-products, the gas fire is also safe for allergy sufferers. Your entire family can comfortably enjoy a green fire without fear of aggravating allergies or asthma.